Earl's Diary



About a month ago, I noticed behavior changes in my senior dog, Earl. After an impeccable house training record, he began having accidents in the house. He struggled to settle in the evening, often resorting to pacing back and forth. His already anxious personality became even more sensitive to changes in environment and occasional separation from one or more of his humans.

A recent visit with our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Ilana Strubel, confirmed that Earl is experiencing symptoms of canine cognitive dysfunction. In short: Dementia.

I’m still coming to terms with what this diagnosis means, and what needs to be done to ensure I meet Earl’s journey into this next stage of his life with evidence-based care, training, and enrichment.

This blog is my way of sharing this journey. I’ll be posting personal updates on my days with Earl, our experiences with various supplements, and training and enrichment interventions. For now, please subscribe for future updates, share with friends and colleagues, and check out the continually growing resources page.

Welcome to Earl’s Diary. We’re glad you’ve joined us on our journey.